Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Somethings just take time...

Since I've turned 25 almost a month ago I kinda of started reflecting more and more what I've achieved from when I turned 18 until now and I'll be honest the 18 yr Bri would not be very happy with the 25 yr old Bri.

when were young we make mistakes over and over again and it's like that until we learn our lessons and hope to never do them again lol. when I was younger I always thought I'd be married by 25 with a loving husband and the Job of my dreams! but alas it's 7 years later no husband no dream job, however I am happy the past two years really helped me reflect a lot on what I wanted I'm kind of glad I'm not married yet cause lets be honest I'm still in my "ME" phase where I am only caring about me as far as I'm not ready to live with someone and share hahaha I know that sounds selfish and I hope you all understand I am not like that hahaha this doesn't mean I'm never going to get married cause I do....just not right now not yet. and as far as my dream job....well I wouldn't call it a "Dream Job" but it's a Job it pays my bills and I'm grateful for my job honestly I had so many "what I want my dream job to be" moments where I'm always switching them up at first it was to be a Doctor and then I realized that just takes too much time and money which I didn't have and then there was the make-up artist dream.....I kept poking my friends in the eyes and for the record it was their fault they kept flinching and moving....those bitches had it coming! and then there was the nursing thing (the now phase) at first it was something I wanted to do I mean I still do cause I get to help people and I've always been interested in all the medical situations and clearly I watch just tooo much Grey's Anatomy hahaha but It's something I love but aside of that my thoughts have been placed on actually opening a little shop....dunno for what yet but I know for a fact I would like for it to have a little bakery, maybe something with crafts, mums, maybe even clothes (if I learn to make them in the future)

sometimes I just think to myself " I don't want to work in a call center anymore, I'm not happy sitting down all day! I want to have my own little shop! and I want it now!"....but like I said before I Thank God everyday cause I have a job especially in this economy yeah sure it's not what I wanted but it's a decent job with a great pay, however that isn't stopping me of making my dreams reality, you can't just grow a business from night to day it's impossible, you have to plan and budget and think thoroughly what you want your business to be about.... like I said....somethings just take time I'm not in a rush. :)

so what about you? are you where your 18yr old self you would be now?

Quote of the day:

" Sometimes the right path is not always the easiest"
-Grandmother Willow (Pocahontas)

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(hahahaha me and my best friend Osiel totally do this!)

Song of the day:

"Corre!" - Jesse & Joy

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012

And just like that my faith in humanity has been restored

Happy Thursday Lovelies!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far! so today I wanted to share a article I saw on Yahoo this morning and it's about a 8 year old girl named Vivienne Harr she has lemonade stand and with a cause, the cause is to raise $ 150,000 for Not for Sale to end Human Ttrafficking and Slavery. now none of the profits she makes go toward her it all goes to the organization and after reading this article I was just in Aw with this little girl I was so amazed that this 8 year old has only one mission and it's to raise that money to help end Slavery and she is truly an amazing and caring young girl to make a difference.

A little more about Not for Sale is a non- profit organization to help end Human trafficking and Slavery around the world, the ones mostly affected by it are children and women in different parts of the world. their current projects are Human trafficking in the US, Thailand, Uganda, Cambodia, Peru and Romania. If your interested in knowing more or volunteering for Not For Sale click here. and if you are wanting to help Vivienne raise that money you can go and make the click on #MAKEASTAND you can view the money tracker, get to know more about Viviennes's mission and if you live in or by Fairfax, Cali check out her lemonade stand.

Quote of the day:

"never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  -margaret mead

(From makeastand.com's website)

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"Welcome to the Masquerade"
-Thousand Foot Krutch

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Easy way to storage Nail Polishes

Happy Lazy Sunday Lovelies!

so I know normally I post just random "lazy" posts on Sundays since Sunday is a lazy day for most of us and day of the week to recover from the previous days.

so today I woke up super early and decided I wanted to paint my nails a different color so normally I have them in the little wicker basket all tilted to the side even upside down and to be honest I hate it when the look all discolored and i have to shake them to normal. so when I was noticing this I remembered that I have this jewelry holder I no longer use and i hatched an Idea! i can put my nail polishes in the sacks of the holder! and in color coordination as well!

taaaaaa da!!!!

I Had a lot more than this but i accidental left them in a bag and my grams though it was trash and threw them out :-( so I'm building up my collection again!

Have a awesome lazy Sunday!

Quote of the day:

"Don't complain about things you're not willing to work hard for"

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(<3 this show!)

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"She's Everything" -Brad Paisley

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Happy Wednesday all!

I hope everyone's week is going well and hope work ins't a drag! so I was on Pintrest again *damn you pintrest! you make me want to try every DIY project out there! :P * jk...no but seriously tho Pintrest is addicting as well especially when you have a app for it, which is one of the many reasons why i leave my phone charging on my desk instead of charging by me on my bed. ANYWHO! so the other day I saw this

which is a Genius idea!! it's so organized and you can treasure the invitations longer instead them being cooped up and folded and ripped somewhere in a dresser or box. recently I started to write snail mail with friends I have around the world and I know it's a very uncommon thing since there's skype and email and what not I personally believe writing letters are a little more personal it shows you too the time to write and talk about anything with the other person. so with that being said I decided that i don't want the letters my pen pals send me cooped up somewhere I want to preserve them and keep them nice in one piece and show to my kids in the future what their crazy mama did to keep in touch with friends :-D

so basically your gonna need is a thick card paper, a hold puncher, binder rings and whatever decoration of your choosing... i picked puffy stickers and glittery ribbon 

Bam! hahaha I still need to decorate it tho. I hope you like.

Quote of the day:

"I have been at the mercy of men my whole life....Never again."


(i've been watching X-men first class a lot this week lol)

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"The Blowers Daughter" - Damien Rice

Monday, August 6, 2012

Top 5 Monday

Good Morning Lovelies! I hope everyone had a fantastic week along with a fantastic weekend!

I had a great week and weekend since it was my birthday and one of my Best Friends wedding so it was a real eventful week. just an FYI I'm going to start doing the "top 10" and the instragram sats every other week now and the top 10 will be known as top 5 hahaha, since It seems I have a short extension spand and forget what I'm suppose to write about hahaha no but seriously though I don't have that but it's kinda like I do hahaha.

Top 5:

5. Nail polish

4. Rain

3 Chile Rellenos

2. La Patisserie

1. Weddings

Quote of the day:

"Love isn't who you can see yourself with. it's who can't see yourself without"

-Jared Leto

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