Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DIY: Sharpie Monogram Mug

Happy Tuesday Lovelies,

So you all know damn well how we're all freaking addicted to Pinterest right?....right well I been seeing a lot of these Sharpie mugs lately...but in all honesty I first found out about it from A Beautiful Mess a while back....and I just sorta forgot to ever do it hahaha and I did my first one sometime back for my sister Nikki since she lives in England and well.....I live here I miss her dearly so I sent her a very awesome mug which I am proud to call my first hahaha check it out:

so after this I wanted to make one for myself :-) so I hope you enjoy this post.

Materials you'll need:
- Dollar store mug
-alphabet stickers
-sharpie (any color)


make sure the mug is clean and dry before applying your initials once that is done start placing a ton of dots around your initials, smuuuush them all together and once it gets bigger. of course if your wanting to do a totally different design by all means go for it! just make sure you know what you want to do and try not to smudge your creation.

Next your going to remove the stickers and if there's a bit of it left over just dip a q-tip in water and carefully remove the sticky spots then carefully dry it. once that is done pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees and then place your mug in the oven... give it 30 minutes in there and let it cool down.



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