Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Whisper Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

So I have decided to make a Wednesday series for the weirdest/random/funny/wtf whispers out there! lately I have been on that app a little too much and I have a blast just seeing what everyone else is posting now in no means i'm making fun of people or judging them what so ever! these made my day or helped my day keep going especially if I'm in a mood! so here we go!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

How to be more Confident and restore your Faith.

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

So I know I've been posting here and there as well as been gone for a couple of months. to be honest I haven't' been in the mood to blog. and I think it's about time I shared my experience and how I learned to be more confident.

Back in December literally two days before Christmas I was laid off my job (some way to say merry Christmas right) and this was a total and unreal first for me, I have been working since I was 16 and never lost a job I guess that saying "there's a first for everything" is totally and realistically true. In my mind I though "I've left jobs before and found another one within 2 weeks" but then it became 4 weeks....then 3 months and then finally 7 months. so yep I had been unemployed for 7 months....long, horrible, depressing, struggling months. Let me tell ya it's hard to get a job now days like super hard, I can't begin to tell ya how many applications I had placed for different jobs (I wanna say it was probably over 100) and I never got called back and if I did I went to the interviews I would never hear back from them it was always you're too over experienced or you're too overqualified. so imagine going through that every single time you hear back from an interview. I'm not going to lie there was so many time where I just wanted to give up I was so depressed that I started to eat junk food and if the reason why I've stayed at the weight that I'm at right now was because I literally went to the gym 6 days a week.

But still never in my life had I felt so...Broken so useless I couldn't provide for my family I couldn't help pay the bills at home I barely was able to pay for insurance and my car payment. I was beginning to lose my faith in God, by the 5th month I was like this isn't possible...why aren't you helping me I'm doing everything to find another job you can't abandon me..It's not a good thing for me to say that but that's how I felt. I felt like my confidence and my faith were drawing thin, I cried every other night. I'm the type of person who doesn't like to feel like she's useless I have to be doing something because If I don't I will start to overthink and get depressed, now I've never been diagnosed with depression but we're all human we all get depressed here and there. 

So once I felt like I couldn't anymore where I was about to just call it quits my and my brother took a drive and we were just talking about everything because that specific week I was about to lose my car, ruin my credit, and I had heard back from 3 interviews that I didn't get the job (no surprise there) and I just couldn't take it anymore I mean I had cried but never like this I pour my heart out I cried with my all and just kept thinking how is it that I've hit so low. I seriously had thought of moving to California with my cousin and help her with my nephew. but when I talked to my brother I just cried and cried like I had never cried in my life. They say our tears say a prayer that our words never could and I strongly believe that because yes I did pray and I did cry but I probably wasn't giving it my all in it I wasn't being sincere in my talks with God I guess I wasn't trying my best to ask for him not to leave me when I needed him. So after that night 2 days later I got a callback from this job that wanted me to be apart of their company and just a matter of 2 days my life changed again and this time it was for the better I got a job getting paid as when I use to work with the city, benefits, vacation/sick time everything! I couldn't be any happier and once more I cried but it wasn't because of sadness and the lack of confidence I had in myself but because God truly had something better for me and boy was I right. maybe the other interviews I went to weren't what I needed they weren't a good fit for me and I probably wasn't going to be happy with them. Honestly I love my new job! from day 1 till now I love it more and more everyday I work with such an amazing company and with amazing people I couldn't ask for more!

So my love's if your feeling down in the dumps or you too are going through what I went through I just want you to know you can make it out of this horrible nightmare. the storm is just temporary..pray but I mean really pray and if you can't then just cry give it your all and cry cause like I said our tears say a prayer that words never could! and if you need to talk or have questions about how to get through this difficult time you can message me or leave a comment I will get in touch with you and we can talk

Here's a couple of tips to be and feel more confident:

1.Stop comparing. stay focused on you.
2. Relax. Go with the flow and don't stress the little things.
3. Love yourself. you're a great gift. nothing would be the same without you.
4. Be positive and look for the good in every situation.
5. Do what you love. Life is too short to waste your time doing anything otherwise.
6. Have faith and Pray. He has something better for you.

With the recent death of Robin Williams it's clear that depression is a serious thing please don't take your life due to it...I know it's hard so get help talk to someone. Because without you here your love ones will be the ones who suffer more than you did. 

Quote of the day:

"Laugh as much as you breathe and Love as much as you live."

Picture of the day:

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Song of the day:

"By your side" Tenth Avenue North

Music Mondays: Lindsey Sterling

Happy Monday Lovelies!!!

Hope everyone's weekend was great!

This week's Recommendation will be for Lindsey Sterling!

Lindsey Sterling is from Santa Ana, California she is 27 years old and not only she's a 
Violinist she is also a Dancer and Composer. She was a quarter finalist on the 5th season of Americas got talent in 2010, but wasn't qualified to keep going on to the finals. Sharron Osborne told her she was good but not good enough and that she needed to be in a group.....well Girl you showed her that your doing just doing fine on your own! Seriously this girl is a beast on the Violin as well as dancing I mean dancing and playing the Violin at the same time takes serious skills! you showed them!

so if you haven't heard of her or her music which I highly doubt anyone hasn't heard of her but still Listen to her music she's awesome and a beast!





"All of me"

Quote of the day:

"Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself  from negativity"

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Things we say while we're driving

Happy Thursday Lovelies!

On this rainy day here in Austin I've noticed I have the most horrible outcome of road rage! especially when it rains! I had an interview today people that were driving were so incompetent to know what they're rights and lefts are..especially when EMS is  coming down blaring their sirens! oh no not only is this road rage when i'm driving in the rain....it can be an everyday type of thing, and I think I can speak for everyone this is what they are exactly thinking or saying in their car...

(WARNING: curse words will be tossed around)

"What the fuck are you doing. What. The Fuck. Are you DOING?!"


"why the FUCK are we not even going the speed limit?....why???"


"shit!...is that a cop??...No."

"Shit! it is a cop!"

never the less....we are all fellow road ragers here :-)


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

6 things we're tired of hearing from people who haven't seen us in ages

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

okay so we've all had those moments where it's been a very long time that we see certain people friends of the family and what not and it could be for distant reasons or whatever. and of course with me being 26 they decided to ask me those questions we are sorta tired of answering when we see people who haven't seen us in a while....

6. "oh my you've grown!"

Really?? I  didn't know that was in the growth process..who would of known.

5. "you've put on a bit of weight since the last time I saw you."

it's called Netflix.

4. do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

ummmmmmmmmmm...Had is the keyword.

3. "When are you going to get married??"

I barley wait for a hot pocket to cool off....I don't think I'm even ready for that type of commitment! 

2. "When are you going to start having kids??"

no no no no no no no

1. "What are you planing to do now since your done with school?"

you know I have no idea...but until then I know this bottle of wine will play a big part!

so in the meantime I'm going to dance it off....byyyyyeee!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Music Monday: Two Door Cinema Club

Happy Mondays Lovelies!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend AND Happy Cinco de Mayo, as for me I'm not much of celebrating it much cause well one...it's a normal day for me and two i'm Broke! hahaha

anyways! so I am in love with this band since I discovered them on the passion pit pandora station I was hooked 

Band Members:
Alex Trimble
Kevin BairdSam Halliday

They hail from Northern Ireland where they started back in 2007

"What you know"


"Something good can work"

"Next Year"


"Be who YOU want to Be, not what others want to see"



Thursday, May 1, 2014

DIY Eye make up remover

Happy Thursday lovelies!

hope everyone is having an amazing day so far, I'm a little okay I suffered a wee bit of an accident yesterday which has led me to be very sore so no gym or swimming for me within the next couple of days but in the meantime I will continue to work on little stuff here and there.

so for what your truly here for! times are rather tough right now especially with money and buying the usual items that we use on a daily basis! we all know that eye make-up remover is a bit expensive (which can range within $8-$11) I usually use the neutrogena remover. so I found on the interwebs and on pinterest an economical way of making your own make up remover.

so what you'll need are:

-an empty clean bottle (like the travel sized ones)
-baby oil
-baby shampoo


- 1 and 1/2 table spoons of baby shampoo
-1/8 tbs of baby oil
-fill the rest with water

annnnd shake like a Polaroid picture!

and tada!!

enjoy! cause it truly works!


"Don't ruin a good day by thinking about a bad yesterday"




"Turning page"