About me

Oh Hai!! My name is Brigitte Cordova and I'm a 24 year old Medical Assitant/ DIY designer/baker/blogger :P.  I live in Austin, Texas and have lived here for most of my life and pretty much plan to stay here FORE-V-E-R. Ohh Em Gee is a mostly to show what kind of jewelry or crafts i've made and currently have up for sell at my etsy store but it's also a DIY blog as well, I created "Ohh Em Gee" early April {2011} and currently creating a cupcake business called "Me Gusta Cupcakes" it's my dream to get that business up and running before the end of next year {if it's in God's will}.

Any Future goals or plans?

My future goals consist of opening my own Boutique it would be something that consists of clothing, jewelry,accesories gifts and the most important thing......CUPCAKES! I know it's going to be a long process but you know what it's something I am willing to work hard for
How did Ohh Em Gee started?

I started making Jewelry in December {2010} I'm not gonna lie I sucked at it but practice makes perfect and then I started creating treat boxes but the Homecoming mums were my first item i started making back in 2009 {mums are very popular in southwestern states} at the time it wasn't called Ohh Em Gee I had originally called it "sweeter than candy" BUT I wasn't feeling it hahaha