Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY: Earphone holder/cozy

Happy Thursday Lovelies!

soooo I really hate that my earphones always get tangled as everyone and their momma! especially when you put them in you purse or backpack! so I got fed up with it and decided to make a little cozy!

so you'll need:
-needles and thread
-1 snap button
(make sure it's visible on the felt that way you know where to cut)

1. fold felt into a taco
2 then dot whatever shape of form on your felt
3. sew on the snap button on desired location


Enjoy! :D

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"You can erase someone from your mind, but erasing them from your heart...that's another story"

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"Good Girl" Carrie Underwood

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I think this was the saddest moment in the whole season!....dare I say even the whole series!

Merle might of been a fucking dick, but.....seeing Daryl in anguish and broken to see his brother as a walker just broke my heart!

DIY Yarn wrapped letter.

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

so I noticed this little nifty pin a couple of months ago and I wanted to try it, well I had bought all the material and well I just never got around to it and well since I've been sick the past three days so I got bored of sitting in bed so I decided to make it! lol there was a little that didn't come out as I planned but it was close enough!

Supplies needed:
-Paper Mache letter (bought mine at Hobby Lobby)
-any color yarn mine was mustard yellow
-Flower pin ( Walmart)

once it's done hang it anywhere you'd like, I will have to wait until my studio is done and I will hang it in there

Enjoy loves!

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"A cup of tea is like having a bath on the inside"

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"Red" -Taylor Swift

Monday, March 25, 2013

Music Mondays: Cobra Starship

Happy Monday Lovelies!

Cobra Starship

Band members:
-Gabe Saporta
-Ryland Blackinton
-Victoria Asher
-Nate Novarro
-Alex Suarez

We all know who this group is and if you don't...shame on you....just SHAME! jk  They are a dance pop group that first formed back in 2003 and debuted their first album while the city sleeps, we rule the streets
following shortly after "Viva La Cobra", "Hot Mess" and "Night shades"

[[The City is at War]]

[[Middle Finger]]

[[Good Girls go Bad]]

[[You make me Feel]]


Quote of the day:

"When you finally let go of the past something better comes along"

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Garnier Volume Extent Dry Shampoo Review

happy Sunday lovelies!

so I've noticed it's been a while since I posted a review and it is! lol so  lately I've been seeing tv ad's for Garnier's Volume Extend dry shampoo so I was thinking in this little noggin of mine "Man, I haven't used dry shampoo for a couple of years now, I think it's time to try a different brand" so here I am at Target and I buy spray get home and the first thing I do is use it (I had taken a shower but didn't wash my hair so perfect experiment!)

after using the spray I really loved the smell of citrus and freshness it had and my hair looked like it normally does when it's straight and clean, BUT after a hour it just started to look oily again and in fact more than it usually does. so I wasn't very happy that it didn't stay "dry and clean" and who knows it might not be the product itself and it might just be either my hair or scalp or it might just be the spray that doesn't really work.

so my review of this product is:


I hope your Sunday is Fantastic!

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"Optimism if the best way to see life"

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"I'm not okay" My Chemical Romance


Thursday, March 21, 2013

1st Giveaway!!!

Happy Thursday Lovelies!

so I have been thinking I haven't or never had a giveaway before! so I thought I'd go ahead and have my first give away! (happy happy joy joy!) so I already posted on my IG about the giveaway final day to enter is 4/10 @ midnight. this is my boutique giveaway with stuff I've made.

Items include:
4.25" wonder woman figurine
Whimsical owl keychain
VS Very Sexy body spray
Cameo Ring (adjustable)

The rules are simple all you gotta do is like the picture on IG :L0velyB like the picture and you will be automatically entered to win annnnnnnnd
if you don't have a IG it's okay don't fret, just comment on this post with your favorite season of the year and your automatically entered to win.

contest ends 4/10 at midnight! good luck lovelies!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sxsw night 2

Happy Tuesday lovelies!

I know I'm really late on posting my night two of SXSW and actually it was my last night cause I ended up getting sick on friday (massive headache and fever :/ ) but I had a lot of fun on Thursday night, so I met up with Osiel which one of my really good friends (besties I might add) and we stayed for like 5 minutes at Auditorium shores he actually had been there a lot earlier I had just met him up after I got out of work. but after that show we decided to go park closer downtown, walked around 6th street and had some yummy pizza! and walked to our destination "The Iron Bar" to watch FLUNK  and FUCK ARE, LET'S DANCE!
and this was our first time ever hearing these bands and they were awesome!!!

here are some photos of that night:

Stuck in Traffic

My City! :-)



now no one will say I was lying about meeting Ellen!

Me and Anja Vister. 

As for my OFTD:

Capris: Torrid
Cardi: Old navy
Shoes: Old navy
Scarf: forever 21
Blouse: Thrift store

Thursday, March 14, 2013

SXSW night 1

Last night was pretty awesome! I seriously didn't think I was going make it downtown but I found parking and it wasn't even that far from the venue that I was going to, but I will say that parking was a friggin bitch!  every lot that I saw was  $20! pffft they must be insane if I was going to park there! I mean where I parked was not much different It's usually $7 but it was $10 which is not much of a difference, better than paying $20 or $40 for way juan!

So since I was going straight to the show from work I was already dressed to impress!

SXSW Outfit 1:

Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: Old Navy
Boots: Academy
Necklace: Etsy

The venue I went to was Esther Follies which is a comedy and magic show venue which is pretty cool, actually yesterday was my first time ever going to EF and I liked the vibe going on there. I was only able to stay for two shows (I could of stayed for more but I had to work today) which was The Eastern Sea and The Trews  which both shows were amazing! I strongly believe the best way to get more involved in music is by listening to different artist. Just because they are freakishly huge in the music world doesn't nessecarly mean they have good music (I.E. Nicki Minaj) sorry but not really I'm not a huge fan of her music...anyways you guys know what I mean.
there is this guy who plays the trumpet for the Eastern Sea and a guy who was playing the Violin with the Trews who were incredibly hot!!! hahahaha ooopps sorry there goes my boy crazed mind again :P

( I thought he was hot!! lol...he is hot! )

(Me & Matt Hines)

The Trews

(there! do you see that cute ass guy playing the Violin?!)

annnnnnnd again!

going out downtown tonight to watch a couple more shows! until then....have a happy Thursday Lovelies!

Quote of the day:

"True love has a habit of coming back, usually in the most unexpected ways"

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"Love is easy" -McFly

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ummm can you stop hitting me with your huge ass purse??

it's Wednesday!!!!

as I've tweeted and FBed it's the start of my SXSW music adventure! so I dunno if many of you ladies ever gone to a show and theres always that one girl who has that huge ass purse...or maybe you've done this...I'm guilty of bringing a huge ass purse to a show and sure enough I'm always hitting someone with it....whether it's in the head, stomach etc so since I'm going to a couple of shows tonight I thought I share with you all what to take with you with a smaller purse.

my small "awesome" purse from Target

(not much I know but I rather keep it light)

-car keys
-bobby pins
-ID/card holder
-moisture surge cream

like I said it's not much. but when you go to a huge festival like this you just never know what might happen so it's always better to keep it simple. but if you like to go all out then hey that's cool too.

Have a wonderful Wednesday Lovelies!

"Quote of the day:

"Life is incredible when you decide to get rid of all the things and people that don't belong"

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"Magic" B.O.B