Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh Summer I have longed for you

Happy Tuesday my Loves!!!!

I can't believe May is almost over! and were about to hit up the summer!! to be honest I'm not much of a summer person cause since I live in Texas....I gets insanely hot!!! but the upside of the summer are the summer nights of going out with friends BBQing and long walks but there is also one little upside to summer days: going to the Beach! swimming Schiliterbham, heading out to the river to go tubing!

sorry this is such a short post, I lost my planner and I had written everything down for future post and now I gotta try to remember what I was all going to write and buy a new planner and re plan all the up coming posts for June. also just a little update I have added another book in the bookclub tab also I'm creating a new tab for my weight-loss Journey I'm gonna have a start weight and every week I will post my new weight although I'm not gonna lie I'm a little nervous and shy to do this but what the hell right!? :-) so keep an eye on that and hopefully I can find my planner tonight hahaha

{Happy with Sprinkles}

Monday, May 28, 2012

Top 10 Mondays

Happy Memorial day all!!!
First of all I would like to take the time to Thank all of the Troops who have fought and died trying to protect us. So I would like to bring a new series called "Top 10 Mondays" which would be about my Top 10 things {fashion,colors, music etc}

Top 10:

10. Grape Wine
9. Sharpies
8. Tazo "ZEN" Green Tea
7. Ellie Goulding
6. "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks
5. maxi dresses
3. laced booties
2. The Black Keys
1. Cupcakes

Quote of the day:

"People will let you down, but God never will"
Photo of the day:

{My little Nephew}

Funny Photo of the day:


Song of the day:

"Black horse & The Cherry Tree" By KT Tunstall

{Happy with Sprinkles}

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A little more about me

Happy Sunday everyone!

To does who are new followers to OhhEmGee Boutique. here's a little 4-1-1 on me that I didn't really put on my about me section {which I will edit}

So my name is Brigitte I am 24 years old and I live in Austin, Texas been here all my life I am the oldest of 4 boys ages: 22,13,7,6. I have never been married I was engaged though for two years things happened that just showed me we weren't meant to be together. I have no boyfriend BUT I am totally Crushing on a guy and who knows he might be the new BF. I Love all types of music you name it from old school rock to Latin to Country etc I have always been a very creative person since I was 8 I use to draw alot more like trace haha but I started drawing more without having to trace and then i started designing clothes for my Aunt who has her own Bridal and Quiencenera Boutique in San Miguel, El Salvador after living two years there we moved back to the states and been here since{I was born in Texas btw}.

I started this blog 7 months ago it's still a baby hehehe, but i've been making Jewelry for two years now and baking for 5 years. but the Idea of setting up my own business has been in the works for the past 3 years I just started selling last year I have my own little Etsy  shop and sell locally as well.

As for my dreams I do wish to travel all over the world but it's rather hard when you have to work a full time Job and work part time on your business But life is life and for my job i am grateful with God, However I keep Business and pleasure dreams separate. as for my Business I wish to make it big I would love to have a little Boutique on W. 6th my  boutique would consist of modern and Vintage like Jewelry, DIY classes, baked goods and School Mums. of course with every dream it comes a great deal of hard work and responsibility as well as patience and effort so it's something I am ready for it never hurts to try cause I don't I don't want to be 60 years old and ask myself why didn't I do it.

To my Followers thank you for supporting me and following my blog :-)

{Happy with Sprinkles}

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Instagram Saturdays #4

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope everyone has a wonderful memorial weekend!!!

{Happy with Sprinkles}

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY Photo Frame Decor

Happy Wednesday everyone....again haha
no matter how cute and fancy a Picture frame is, the price is always a tad pricey even if they are plain black or wood frames the price is always scary and people will pay to have their memories displayed. But in reality you don't need to have a fancy jeweled out frame to show off your wonderful memories when you can do it your self.
Supplies needed:
-Hot glue gun {lets just say the tacky glue didn't work lol}
-any kind of flat surface frame {I got mine at walmart for $1}
pretty much just make sure you don't burn your fingers off cause I did a couple of times hahaha. just add a dime size of hot glue on the back of the button mix and match, biggest to smallest etc and let it dry for about 10 minutes and you're done! display as you wish.
Quote of the day:
"Regrets and mistakes are just memories being made"
Photo of the day:

Funny Photo of the day:

Song of the day:

"Three Wishes" -The Pierces

{Happy with Sprinkles}

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Happy Monday everyone!
If your day is dragging hardcore like mine.....never fear for this will be a fun post.{ sorry for the late post!!!}
So this weekend I went to Micahels to buy some paint and plant pots {which will be part of a nifty DIY post} and I was making my way down the iron-ons and dye isle when I happen to notice the duct tape's many different colors and patterns nothing new cause I have seen them before BUT I have never seen they had a hello kitty duct tape!! so I thought to myself "hmmm what would I need a Hello Kitty duct tape for??..don't really need it...I'm gonna get it anyway!!!" so when I got to work this was my reaction

so I did the following:

Quote of the day:

"To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong"

Photo of the day:

Funny photo of the day:

Song of the day:

"The Hardest Button to Button" -The White Stripes

{Happy with Sprinkles}

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Daily skin care routine....dusk till dawn

Hello Hello and happy Sunday everyone!!!
it's another Lazy sunday and of course it looks gorgeous out here in Austin.
so I have a general question for you all....what's your daily skin care routine? reason why I ask is just simply beacuase I would love to have a different insight on different ways to keep your skin healthy...so far everything I'm doing right now is helping keeping my skin smooth,healthy and with a glow.

I have a very busy schedule with working full time, blogging, taking care of my family and making inventory for Ohh Em Gee. there are sometimes I'm so tired and even I get my 8 hours of sleep I still get dark circles it's not so bad but you can tell if you get close enough and what I started to do was freezing the green tea bags I use for my tea and after they are dry and cold enough I take them out and place them on my eyes for about 10-15 minutes works great if your eyes are puffy or if you've been crying {I know cause I've tried it} and so far they've seem to be working prerfectly.

Quote of the day:

"If two people are meant to be together, eventually they'll find a way back"

Photo of the day:
Funny photo of the day:

Song of the day:
"last dance" - Donna Summer {RIP}

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Instagram Saturdays #3

Happy Saturday everyone {sorry for the late post } I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Monday, May 14, 2012

May's Birchbox Gossip Girl edition

Happy Monday everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I'm excited cause I finally got this months Birchbox! I was anticipating for this month because they said it was going to be Gossip Girl based and I love me some GG. oh! before I forget I will no longer post about myglam bags cause I cancelled my supscription because at the time I can only afford one months goodies I probably will rejoin again once I'm back on my feet again.

This months box includes:

-Bvlgari sample spray
-Dr Jart+ waterfuse BB cream
-Ojon Volume advance{volumizing conditioner}
-Stila sparkle waterproof liquid eye liner
-Twistband hair tie
Extra: notecards

I liked all the things I got in the box this month the only thing I wish they could of switch for something else is the twistband....don't get me wrong you can always use a hair tie whenever and where ever it's just.........as a girl we have a lot of them hahaha but I guess i see the point of sending it cause no matter how many we buy they mysteriouly end up dissapearing hahaha.

Quote of the day:

"Love isn't who you can see yourself with, it's who you can't see yourself without"

-Jared Letto

Photo of the day:

Funny photo of the day:

Song of the day:

"Young Folks"  Peter Bjorn and John.

{Happy with Sprinkles}

Sunday, May 13, 2012

To my mother....para mi mama

I just want to let you know that I am so proud of you being my mother, you were able to raise us by yourself without the help of anyone else. You are my hero because of you and God I am the person who I am now and for that I thank you I love you with all my heart.

Your daughter

Solo te quiero decier que estoy orgullosa de llamarte mi mama, tu pudistes con nosotros sin la ayuda de nadien mas. Eres mi heroe y gracias a Dios y tu soy la persona que soy hoy en dia y por eso te agradesco te quiero mucho con todo mi corazon.

Tu hija