Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Highlights of my week...

Hello all my lovely people! I'm sorry I kinda went MIA this past week haha usually on the first week of the year I'm very busy with current and new projects, however this week was different why?....well cause I was hit with the lazy bug and the pracrastination virus haha yeah these are very countagious so be aware cause they can hit you out of no where! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week and I will have some stuff for ya this week.

{we had a junk food night 1/7/12, & no we did not finish everything on here haha}

{I finally got the Too Faced Absolutely invisible translucent powder & the Taylor Swift roller perfume, Just handy in my purse ^_^}

{mmmm! Pluckers Sweet Tea}
{Finally someone with the same size hand as me!!}

{great way to end the week with a nice Ice cold Beer}

{hmmm Indeed}

And my top Highlight of the week!

{my new baby nephew Rene AKA Munchkin or Cupcake}


  1. I LOVE the shades! And that baby boy is too precious - send my congratulations!

    Also, you have been tagged to participate in the Kreativ Award/tag post on my blog. Feel free to participate, although it is not at all required!