Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Improvements for 2012...

Happy New Years everyone!!! I hope everyone had a very safe and fun New Years eve! I still can't believe that it's 2012! I remember 2011 like it was yesterday! LOL oh that's cause it was! :P This week I revolved my thoughts on what my resolutions should be, now we either break or make our resolutions in my situation I've broken quite a few but this year I wouldn't really call them resolutions I would rather think of them as little improvments of my life that way when I'm thinking about them I'm not thinking of the word "resolutions". so without further or do here are my lovely "Improvements" for 2011

1. Be more Healthy
2. Try to be organized
3. Be a little more $$ responsible
4. Don't chicken out
5. smile more
6. Work on "Ohh Em Gee" & "Me Gusta" business
7. Travel more! {Plan A: Europe, Plan B: NYC}
8.Party a little more {not every weekend though}
9. After washing face no pinching, no touching no squeezing!
10. Find my signature scent
11. Take make-up off before going to sleep
12. Clean my make up brushes every week
13.Start taking my Multi-Vitamins
14. Exfoliate my body and face aleast once or twice a week
15. SPF...{enough said! haha}
16. try to keep my hair healthy 
17. Sleep atleast 6-8 hrs of sleep
18. Experiment with different styles
19. Laugh more!
20. Kickboxing
21. get dolled for no reason 
22. Take more Pictures {going out, friends, family}
23. Work out
24. try no to be as lazy as I was in 2011


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