Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Warm Bodies book review

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Remember a couple of months back I might have mention about a book called "Warm Bodies" I had just started to read?.... well I finished it last night! hahaha not that I'm a slow reader..well I sort of am but I get distracted easily and I forget I'm reading a book and noooo the book wasn't boring for me to stop reading it half way and pick it up 4 months later....I couldn't find it.


This has have to be the first book that I have ever encountered where the character telling the story was a Zombie. So Warm Bodies is basically like boy meets girl only it's Zombie meets girl...Zombie falls for girl, The Character's name is "R" and he is questioning his no life status he wants his life to have meaning again. it's pretty much has everything it has drama, comedy and suspense with a hint of Thrill I don't think I will ever see another book like this which I hope there isn't cause then that just means people are going to start re-editing zombies like other books have re-edited Vampires and Werewolf's. However this a must read book it's very entertaining Warning: you will get hooked! 

My review for this book:


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