Monday, April 15, 2013

Music Mondays: Passion Pit

Happy Monday Lovelies!

soooo I found this amazing app (there's some pros and cons to it) it's the rdio app, it's where you can listen to the full albums of artist including their new released ones and you have the subscription for two weeks, the only down fall is if you want the subscription it's $14.99...yeah no thanks I'll settle for iheart or pandora, but until my membership ends I've been checking out different artist albums so I happen to stumble upon Passion Pit's album "Gossamer" I was in Awe! i loved the whole album it was full of energy and just felt that "happy" vibe!

(where I come from)


(take a walk)

(little secrets)

Quote of the day:

"you can choose to let it define you, or you can choose to move on and leave it behind you"

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