Thursday, April 24, 2014

DIY Wonder Woman Sleep Mask

Hello my lovelies! 

how fantastic is Wonder Woman I mean I have a bit of a woman crush on Lynda Carter, I mean come on...she was a total bad ass! and who doesn't like Wonder Woman? right?!

I always felt sleep masks were always boring just plain with color and I thought I'd change it up!
this is a very easy tutorial so what you will need is:

-Felt (ivory, yellow, red, black)
-thread (same colors above)
-gold or yellow ribbon

Try to make the sewing patterns close together in line so they don't look too spaced out or far apart 
also if you want you can print this bad boy down here as a pattern

it can take a couple of hours depending how fast of a sewer you are, you can use a sewing machine it's be so much faster and easier buuuuut I don't have one so I just used my pretty little fingers hahah. it took me about a hour or so to finished and



Quote of the day:

"Intelligence will never stop being beautiful"




He and She "I could've been your girl"

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