Monday, November 18, 2013

Music Mondays: Lorde

Happy Monday Lovelies!

guess who's back!! sorry i have been MIA, i have been going threw a transition of life events lately I stared my last semester of school and I also started a new Job so juggling with both I have kinda neglected my blog along with my shop and my pen pals! (sorry my loves! i will explain more when I write to ya)

so maybe a month or two ago i noticed  Buzzfeed wrote and article about a new artist haling from New Zealand which you can click here! to read all about her and also my friend mention to me that I should listen to this amazing song which is now currently on repeat on my ipod now, if you follow me on Instragram you have seen what I'm talking about....

That's right I'm Talking about Lorde!

and only 16 years old and she's a freaking hit! haling from New Zealand

( she just has gorgeous hair!!)


(Tennis Court)

(The Love Club)

Quote of the day:

"When words fail, Music speaks"

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