Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 3 Challenge.

Day 3: Something you Adore!
{The Beauty & the Beast}

{Disney Movies}

Day 3: Your day in great detail.

So for day the Day 3 Challenge I went to a friends baby shower at my friend taylor's house. It was great to see my friend Dominique she looks soooo cute prego! and just being there with friends in general was great of course it's not an baby shower if there isn't any games. other than the snacks the games are my top favorite from the baby showers. After saying my good byes to the lovely ladies I headed out to my house to relax a little before I headed out to my best friend Melissa's house for a BBQ! it was amazing! my other Best friend Osiel cooked up some awesome burgers! we had everything burgers, Stuffed jalapeno with cream cheese, avocado dip, Cheese Dip and for the grand finale.......Rosted chicken! yummmmmmy! along with some Blue Moon beer and good ol Liquor.

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