Thursday, February 21, 2013

In case of emergency unzip!

Happy Thursday lovelies!

Hope everyone's Thursday is going lovely! I'm just ready for Saturday to come around the corner!!

so since I have been driving (15 y.o) I have encounter my fair share of little accidents whether it was having a sticky drink spill in the car or on my hands, to were I forgot to actually put deodorant hahaha sad but it's true. So since I'm pretty much a huge klutz and a bit of accident prone I went out and bought a mini make up case and filled it with my just in case stuff

I got this one at target....I think....maybe walmart, i don't remember but you can get them pretty much at any store.

- wipes
-Colgate wisp
-body spray
-hand sanitizer
-chap stick
-bobby pins
-acne cream
-hand lotion
-mouth wash
-band aids

and alll packed in!

this is the bag I usually keep in the back seat on the floor, and trust me ladies it's very very handy!
Enjoy! :D

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"Each new day is another chance to change your life"

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"I won't give up" Jason Mraz

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