Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My eyes hurt form squinting >.<

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

Lately I have been M.I.A from my blog and I hate when that happens but sometimes when you have work and school of course it's a lot important cause you know they pay the bills, but that doesn't mean blogging isn't important cause to me it's one of the most important things I do in my life, it just sucks I don't have as much time to blog as I want to but that's life.

anywhoooo! so while I've been busy and at work and making time go by fast here I have taken up painting a lot more than I usually do, I'm drawing on plain Vinyl figures and so far this is what I have come up with


I am planning to make more and put them up on my etsy store (the figurines and the keychains) also planning to have a giveaway the next couple of days so keep and eye out for that on here, twitter and facebook!

Quote of the day:

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy, that's all that matters"

-Audrey Hepburn

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"besame" Camila

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