Monday, August 26, 2013

Music Mondays: 2013 VMA's

Okay Lovelies! so let's talk about the VMA's last night....

it was a combination of weird and awesome (cause of Nsync!) and really really weird ::coughs:: Miley of course with all that happening last night I just kept thinking how buzzfeed was gonna have so much fun with this and of course I was right they had a field day with this one! actually checking buzzfeed was the first thing I was looking forward to this morning!  

so you all know I just have to talk about the highlights of that show and the first one is Miley's weird "wanna be krunk" preformance for one it was just weird and just tasteless and I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought it was just plain weird I mean Look at Rihanna and the guys from One Direction's reactions

and just after the preformance Niall's reaction cracked me up he's like "ummm i dunno how I should feel about this preformance" em!

and of course you can check out buzzfeed's articles of last night laugh here and laugh it up here

and also let me just say gaga......damn girl! you are so weird on so many levels but that is what makes you...YOU! and kudos to you for standing up for my boys when they got booed

omg how could I forget JT's preformance!? the man is a perfect human being! like wow! and an nsync reunion! woooo! i was a happy girl! like this probably was my reaction when I saw them

aw middle school all over again!

so in conclusion

Nsync= Win

what were your thoughts on last nights show?

and before I head out a little something for you to laugh at



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