Thursday, March 8, 2012

Inspired Styles

Lately I have noticed that I have been down in the dumps, why you ask? well to make a long story short I'm a bigger girl and to be honest I don't give a damn if people don't like my appearance I love my body but I am in that process of Losing weight not only to look better but to be healthy as well..if i had to choose one to top on my list as #1 it would be to be healthy. so these past couple of months I've noticed I'm dressing like I don't give a damn about myself and honestly.....I don't like that feeling I love the fashion world just like the next girl but when you're a plus size girl you're wardrobe has a limitation to clothing so as I'm thinking and thinking while all these average sized girls get to wear whatever their little heart desires (well most girls don't feel confident enough and I don't blame them cause I feel like that too with plus size clothing) but in this economy plus size clothing is expensive. so I have come to a resulting conclusion.....either make you're own clothing which doesn't sound like a bad idea, plus I'm way into spring and summer dresses so well see if I have the guys to make something. OR save money up and buy clothing. also there is a lot of celebrity styles that you can easily have and you don't have to buy the really high end expensive brands they use you can always find something like it.....actually that reminds me....
{I saw this on imgfave and loved it cause it's true! hahaha}

so if you're having this problem no matter what size you are just know this...You are beautiful!  we are fearless women and we can rock looks and styles! remember it's society that's all fucked up.

wait! this blog isn't over yet! I would love to show you my dream and inspired styles by my favorite celebrities!

Lauren Conrad

Demi Lovato

Diana Agron from Glee

So tell me who inspires your style?

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