Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Magazine Project

Happy Wednesday Lovelies 
I hope everyone's Hump day is going very well! sooooooooo
I have come up with an idea to have my room a little more creative and decided to call it the Magazine Project, where I get one of those presentation white papers and clue all types of magazine clippings into a collage and place it on the wall below. I can't wait to start this project and I will be putting pictures up of current progress on the wall :-)


{magazines! I have a ton more than this!}

Quote of the day:

"Looking at the Stars always make me Dream"

-Vincent Van Gogh

Photo of the day:


Funny photo of the day:

{you let me down Phil}

Song of the day:

"La Fuerza Del Destino" Sandra Echaverria feat Marc Anthony

{I know this is in Spanish but I'm in love with this song, I got it from a soap }

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