Friday, June 1, 2012


Hello and happy Friday lovelies

sorry for being MIA the past couple of days, I was in brain fart mode for the most part and like I said in my last post I lost my planner! {dun dun duuuuuuun!!!} no personal info was in it but I did have written down the subjects of the daily posts in there and I kid you not I had the whole month of June ready and this happened {womp womp woooomp!} but alas life goes on and so I bought a new awesome  planner, so I been thinking up a storm however I will think one week at a time so waaaa but whatevs. I do have some awesome upcoming projects and DIY coming up this month so keep and eye out for those as well. thanks for understanding lovelies!

{Happy with Sprinkles}

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  1. Oh no, I would be so lost without my planner! It's fun to buy new ones though, it gives you a new burst of organised energy haha :)