Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I still get chills thinking about this day

11 years ago, Thousands of people got up to what was a just their daily routine never knowing it was going to be their last. it's hard to think it's been that long I swear it feels like it was just yesterday for me and like many many others it's just a day that is forever imprinted in your mind stuck on repeat. I remember the day perfectly I was a freshmen 14 years old I was heading down to the ground level of out school for my 1st period which was Choir class and I remember being with my friends just getting ready to watch the morning announcements when one of the staff members came on the intercom and asked for all the teachers to turn on the tv to the local news and at this time it was actually when both planes had already hit the building, of course I wasn't paying attention to what they were saying on the TV In my mind all I thought was "oh no biggie it's just on fire they'll get it out" but I didn't realize until my 2nd period class what was really going on, I had never heard such silence by the time I realized what was going on I was totally freaking out that I ended up calling my mom to pick me up she ended up picking me up during my lunch when we were in the office at my brothers middle school they were watching it as well and that's when I broke down in tears cause I saw when the second plane crashed into the tower i could not believe my eyes. my mom was already freaked out....she freaked out even more when she found the Pentagon was hit I have a cousin named Ramiro who happens to work there Thank God he was off that day. that whole afternoon we just watched with horror what was going on we had to have my brother go up stairs cause they started showing people jumping out of the building and to be honest with you all those scenes of the people jumping out or falling literally scared me for life I couldn't sleep for weeks cause I kept having dreams about it every time I woke up all I saw before waking up were those poor souls jumping to their faith....it's something you don't ever forget like I said before this day imprinted every single person, it's a day we won't ever forget it's impossible to do so. life is too short people need to stop hating, discriminating, harming one another why wast life holding grudges and trying to make some girl or guys life impossible enjoy your life cause you never know what happens in a blink of a eye. RIP to all those people who lost their life's thinking it was just a ordinary day.

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