Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to clean your Brushes the economical way!

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

About a month ago I was reading through my daily blogs like I do every day and I follow the Beauty department and saw their post about how to properly wash your brushes, and they showed two ways one with the professional cleaner and the other using baby shampoo.

so being broke like a joke at the moment I can't really afford to be a super expensive professional cleaner, I mean I could always get the cheep generic cleaner but I have sensitive sink so the generic cleaner has caused me in the past to break out....okay long story short I bought a brush cleaner from HEB (it's a grocery store in Texas if your not familiar :P ) and I cleaned my brushes with it well when I used my brushes, my eye shadow brushes and blush I ended up breaking out and my eye got swollen! now I didn't think it was the cleaner I thought it must of been that I didn't clean them right or something so I cleaned them "right" and used them again and yep sure enough I broke out again and my eye got puffy :-(

so with that being said I had to start using a professional cleaner, but I have no mula to buy it so I was really excited when I saw that post and decided to use the baby shampoo method and Me gusta!!! so I decided to share it with your beautiful faces!

Step 1:
Grab a bowl, fill it with cold water and add the baby shampoo, then just swindle the brush around the bowl and you'll see the product washing away and then repeat with the other brushes.

Step 2:
once you've done that let the brushes soak in a new bowl with soap for about 5-10 minutes.

Step 3:
rinse brushes off with cold water.

(EWWWW! look at that water!)

after that your just gonna roll a towel like a hand one, and then tilt the brushes in a seesaw position butt of the brushes going upward and let them dry (I let them dried over night and were ready the following morning)

and that's that! a easier and way cheaper way to clean brushes! Enjoy Lovelies!

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