Monday, January 7, 2013

Music Monday: Florence + The Machine

Happy Mondays Lovelies!!!

Hope everyone's weekend was amazing! and I know there 's a bug going around and if you were stuck sick at home, I sowwie! I hope you feel better!

So today's post is about the amazing Florence + The Machine! I love her, she is totally amazing! 

I love both of her albums Lungs and Ceremonials

for those who aren't familiar with Florence and the Machine....shame on you! jk I'll give you some insight on her. they are a indie rock band originated in good ol' London England. if you haven't heard any of her stuff which I highly doubt because she's everywhere right now! most of her songs were on Gossip girl, the trailer for Beautiful creatures, snow white and the huntsman, and on there ya go....hurry go and check her out. and of course these are my top favorite songs from her! Enjoy

(You've got the Love)

(Breath of life)

(No light, no light)


Enjoy my Lovelies!

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