Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh Summer I have longed for you

Happy Tuesday my Loves!!!!

I can't believe May is almost over! and were about to hit up the summer!! to be honest I'm not much of a summer person cause since I live in Texas....I gets insanely hot!!! but the upside of the summer are the summer nights of going out with friends BBQing and long walks but there is also one little upside to summer days: going to the Beach! swimming Schiliterbham, heading out to the river to go tubing!

sorry this is such a short post, I lost my planner and I had written everything down for future post and now I gotta try to remember what I was all going to write and buy a new planner and re plan all the up coming posts for June. also just a little update I have added another book in the bookclub tab also I'm creating a new tab for my weight-loss Journey I'm gonna have a start weight and every week I will post my new weight although I'm not gonna lie I'm a little nervous and shy to do this but what the hell right!? :-) so keep an eye on that and hopefully I can find my planner tonight hahaha

{Happy with Sprinkles}

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