Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013's Improvement list!

Good morning my lovelies!
as 2012 is coming to an end, it's time to look at the achievements of the improvement list starting 2012.
2012's improvement list:
1. Be more Healthy
2. Try to be organized
3. Be a little more $$ responsible
4. Don't chicken out
5. smile more
6. Work on "Ohh Em Gee" & "Me Gusta" business
7. Travel more! {Plan A: Europe, Plan B: NYC}
8.Party a little more {not every weekend though}
9. After washing face no pinching, no touching no squeezing!
10. Find my signature scent
11. Take make-up off before going to sleep
12. Clean my make up brushes every week
13.Start taking my Multi-Vitamins
14. Exfoliate my body and face least once or twice a week
15. SPF...{enough said! haha}
16. try to keep my hair healthy
17. Sleep at least 6-8 hrs of sleep
18. Experiment with different styles
19. Laugh more!
20. Kickboxing
21. get dolled for no reason
22. Take more Pictures {going out, friends, family}
23. Work out
24. try no to be as lazy as I was in 2011

I accomplished quite a bit this year, I'm actually really proud of myself because I feel like I've done a lot not only to enjoy my life but to also live a much happier and full lifestyle. This year I had a weight loss surgery (lap band) which has changed me for the best it's something that definitely changed my whole life around! I'm so happy with the improvement I've made this year and I can't wait to start my new set of improvements for 2013.

2013's improvement list:
1. Continue to loss weight
2. keep my room and car clean
3. start school in the fall (Bachelor's degree)
4. Travel to England
5. Get a better paying job
7. at least try to stop biting my nails
8. definitely go to a lot more shows this year
9.have a little more fun
10. work on my blog a lot more
11. figure out what to actually do with my shop
12. buy a small house (at least take a gander)
13. get a boyfriend LOL (all in good time I know)

smaller list than last years! so that's a good thing right :P so lovelies....what's on your resolutions/improvement lists?

Quote of the day:

"Enjoy life now, this isn't a rehearsal"

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"Seven Devils" Florance and the Machine

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