Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The MEGA PLUSH volum' Mascara Review

Good morning lovelies!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and for all my UK, Canada, NZ and Aussies Happy Boxing day!
My Christmas was amazing I did nothing at all yesterday just lounged around and watched movies all day like it was no ones business! haha

So a couple weeks ago I went to ulta looking for a waterproof mascara, since the non waterproof ones I had were always making me itch towards the end of the day. so I decided to go with waterproof so far so good. well I decided to get maybelline's "The MEGA PLUSH volum'" mascara which was sort of impulse usually I check the reviews out before getting mascara but I needed it so ya.

this is probably the second Maybeline mascara that I have ever bought the last one I bought was the Falsies and honestly I didn't really like it cause 1. it irritated my eyes and 2. I didn't like the wand. I probably sound like a weirdo right now hahaha a lot of people like it but it just didn't suit me I guess. But with this mascara I really liked how it makes my lashes look longer and I don't feel like my eyes are getting irritated which is a good thing...always a good thing haha.



by the way I love the wand on this thing! it's just perfect! :P

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