Sunday, May 27, 2012

A little more about me

Happy Sunday everyone!

To does who are new followers to OhhEmGee Boutique. here's a little 4-1-1 on me that I didn't really put on my about me section {which I will edit}

So my name is Brigitte I am 24 years old and I live in Austin, Texas been here all my life I am the oldest of 4 boys ages: 22,13,7,6. I have never been married I was engaged though for two years things happened that just showed me we weren't meant to be together. I have no boyfriend BUT I am totally Crushing on a guy and who knows he might be the new BF. I Love all types of music you name it from old school rock to Latin to Country etc I have always been a very creative person since I was 8 I use to draw alot more like trace haha but I started drawing more without having to trace and then i started designing clothes for my Aunt who has her own Bridal and Quiencenera Boutique in San Miguel, El Salvador after living two years there we moved back to the states and been here since{I was born in Texas btw}.

I started this blog 7 months ago it's still a baby hehehe, but i've been making Jewelry for two years now and baking for 5 years. but the Idea of setting up my own business has been in the works for the past 3 years I just started selling last year I have my own little Etsy  shop and sell locally as well.

As for my dreams I do wish to travel all over the world but it's rather hard when you have to work a full time Job and work part time on your business But life is life and for my job i am grateful with God, However I keep Business and pleasure dreams separate. as for my Business I wish to make it big I would love to have a little Boutique on W. 6th my  boutique would consist of modern and Vintage like Jewelry, DIY classes, baked goods and School Mums. of course with every dream it comes a great deal of hard work and responsibility as well as patience and effort so it's something I am ready for it never hurts to try cause I don't I don't want to be 60 years old and ask myself why didn't I do it.

To my Followers thank you for supporting me and following my blog :-)

{Happy with Sprinkles}


  1. Hi Brigitte! Thanks for visiting my blog and following, I replied to your sweet comment over on my blog, but wanted to comment here to just to say your blog is nice and I'm now a new follower (via Bloglovin).
    Hope you have a lovely week! :) xx