Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ummm can you stop hitting me with your huge ass purse??

it's Wednesday!!!!

as I've tweeted and FBed it's the start of my SXSW music adventure! so I dunno if many of you ladies ever gone to a show and theres always that one girl who has that huge ass purse...or maybe you've done this...I'm guilty of bringing a huge ass purse to a show and sure enough I'm always hitting someone with it....whether it's in the head, stomach etc so since I'm going to a couple of shows tonight I thought I share with you all what to take with you with a smaller purse.

my small "awesome" purse from Target

(not much I know but I rather keep it light)

-car keys
-bobby pins
-ID/card holder
-moisture surge cream

like I said it's not much. but when you go to a huge festival like this you just never know what might happen so it's always better to keep it simple. but if you like to go all out then hey that's cool too.

Have a wonderful Wednesday Lovelies!

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"Life is incredible when you decide to get rid of all the things and people that don't belong"

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  1. hahahaha I am so guilty of hitting ppl with my purse too! Thats so funny!

  2. You are very brave to attend SXSW. I would but I hate driving and hate crowds... so there you have it. You blog is really cute dear.
    nothing but a pigeon